the world's best smelling sunscreen

Freelance copywriter at a funky sunscreen startup called Vacation. Their brand voice is that of a quirky Club Med member in the 1980s who loved hyperbolic messaging.

they asked:

Task 1: Prepare retro print ad style Instagram captions for the product photos.

Task 2: Prepare a "formal company address" style Instagram caption announcing the launch of Chardonnay Oil.

Task 3: Create stories in the brand voice for Retro Club Med Instagram captions.

I delivered:

Meet the hometown-famous Caribbean acapella duo: The Barbuda Brothers. Kenneth R. Thompson and Doug Christensen may not be brothers— or from the island of Barbuda. But that didn’t stop them from bringing the “soothing sounds of the tropics” to the Club Coral Bar & Lounge in Palmetto Bay. Sporting a red polo and a lethal dose of confidence, Doug hit the stage and began the groove with his “steel drum vocal percussion.” Paving the way for Ken’s perfectly emulated seagull caws. A performance so authentic, flocks of shorebirds stormed the lounge in search of the feathery friend behind such a soothing soundscape. A truly tropical performance indeed.

Pictured here is the impromptu, in house Vacation entertainment that came to the rescue during our corporate Dirty Dancing Dance Hall Extravaganza.

Unfortunately, the lead singer of the Jimmy Buffet cover band that was scheduled to be our top notch entertainment for the evening, accidentally scarfed down a shellfish while sampling from the buffet.

Off the heels of the dissolution of his band, The Barbuda Brothers, Doug was more than happy to get back on stage, and in doing so found comfort in his go-to leisure look, a red polo and the rhythmic essence of his steel drum vocal percussion.

Of course, it wouldn’t be very leisurely to let your colleague take on all the heavy lifting during such an unforeseen ask, so Deirdre and Peter Lowell joined Doug on stage, offering their support with Peter’s beloved hi-hat impression and Deirdre’s pristine vocal scale performance.

Tom and Patricia Marsh, (far left) are, luckily, trained aerobic instructors, and were able to come to the rescue of the lead singer, helping him to upchuck his shellfish snafu by walking him through a series of aerobic movements and breathing exercises for relief.

Special thanks to Rebecca, Doug’s wife, for lending us her tripod for the evening, to ensure HQ had top notch photos to reminisce over; and for snapping this photo of the gang, post performance, both musical and medical.

Corporate would like to thank Dave and Christine Lothrop for stepping in and being the Daiquiri Delivery Duo for both the hula hoop competition and 3 legged race at our corporate retreat this past weekend.

Turns out, Susie, from Events, couldn’t fathom having frozen Daiquiri’s served out of an Igloo cooler and into a cup. Presentation is key, you know. So Dave and Christine offered to deliver fresh, strawberry daiquiri’s from the HQ kitchen, to both respective events, in an effort to keep attendees refreshed and revitalized.

Albeit, there was a bit of a learning curve for the delivery, as Christine had to quickly learn and adapt to holding a tray full of daiquiris while on the back of a motorbike. But thanks to spending her youth in the back of a clown car with her dad, she became accustomed to the task quite quickly.

You’re decadent, you like to indulge, and a cherry on top is your everyday mantra. Of course you’re aware that UV protection is the best skin care, and, as with everything else, you want the best. Luxuriate with Vacation Classic Whip SPF 30. This broad-spectrum, “Leisure-Enhancing” formula rubs in fast on all skin tones and is as light as a kite in the sky. Enjoy its authentic, “Tilt Valve” Actuator and water resistant properties to ensure your leisure time is well spent. But not to fret, this mousse is Hawaii Reef Compliant so you’re not only saving your rear but the reef. Available now at

Imagine burying your toes to revel in the cool reprieve of the sand, while your ears tingle at the sound of waves crashing and the gentle whistle of the wind. You take a sip of your creamy pina colada as an attentive attendant arrives with a dazzling display of charcuterie in one hand and Vacation Brand Super Spritzer in the other. Luxuriate in the extravagance of this refreshing and hydrating face mist, a cocktail of vaporized coconut water, cucumber and aloe vera essence and the calming characteristics of vanilla and chamomile, to ensure you relish in leisure. With Vacation Super Spritzer, your oasis is in the palm of your hand.

Available now at


It is with the utmost delight and exhilaration that after years of research, testing, trials and tribulations, that We, The Vacation Incorporated Product Development Department introduces you to our newest innovation, The Vacation Brand Chardonnay Sunscreen Oil.

A groundbreaking elixir that is reminiscent of the sun oils we know and love, but boasts a lightweight, non-greasy disposition dichotomized with SPF 30 protection. This enriching libation is a concoction of Chardonnay grape seed oil assimilated with lavish ‘super’ oils to provide optimal sun ray protections while exuding an aura of shine and opulence for the wearer. It’s transparent visage and lightweight tactility make it amenable for all skin tones in addition to being the perfect poolside sun protection partner.

It’s important to highlight that this innovative offering wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of Sandra Mclean, VP of Sunscreen Research and Development, who partnered with the National Grape Research Alliance, to ensure no grapes were exploited in this venture, and thanks to Sandra’s due diligence, we are all able to bask in the fruits of her labor.

To celebrate the official launch of this enriching confection, there will be celebratory Chardonnay, Cheese and Crackers in the breakroom at 5pm, accompanied by the sensational sounds of the mandolin, performed by Bob Megrick from the Accounts and Billing Department.

Cheers to a vivacious launch. In leisure we trust.

We would like to thank everyone who attended our “Buffet Banquet Spectacular” last night at the esteemed “Starfish Beach Bar” in Miami to commemorate the official launch of our Classic Lotion and Classic Spray in an increased SPF50 option.

The soiree had a slight souffle snafu as Kurt, head of the Fragrance and Scent Department, missed a beat during the Mambo Competition and subsequently hip bumped the swan sculpted souffle, showcased above in advance of its untimely exit, onto the floor.

What would’ve been a fairly easy cleanup, escalated quickly as the wild flamingos that inhabit the back of the Starfish Beach Bar, could sense the spill instantaneously and swiftly joined the festivities, without an invite or appropriate attire might we add, in effort to satiate their, unbeknownst to us, affinity for souffle. Rest assured, the Party Planning Committee will be taking this new wisdom into consideration when catering future engagements at the Starfish Beach Bar.

Luckily, Charlene Bradley from the Tele-sales Sub Division (TS-SD) is an avid bird watcher and was decked out in a radiant fuschia blouse, pictured above, in an effort to secure first place in the Pink Flamingo Costume Competition, which was scheduled to take place later in the evening. Thanks to Charlene’s ornithologist expertise and lively ensemble she was able to usher the wild flamingos out of the event with ease, exhibiting an astonishing pageantry of balance and grace, guiding the flock with a steady, one legged exit, and truly immersing herself into their pink legion. While we’re sure it comes as no surprise, we’d like to formally announce that Charlene was awarded first place in the Pink Flamingo Costume Competition and commend her for her esteemed efforts in the name of leisure.