There was no June gloom as I got to work with Hailey Beiber's new skincare brand, rhode.

they asked:

1: Rhode is launching a cleanser. Please write copy for all of the following touchpoints:

• Overarching campaign messaging

• Press release copy

• PDP copy

• Email copy

• Sms copy

• Influencer gifting insert

5 Instagram captions diving into the below content types-

• Educational

• Product focused

• Community focused

• Science based

• Expert

2. Plan out the June copy content for rhode’s calendar. We need three copy themes and email copy for each theme.

I delivered:

Press Release Copy:

Rhode Skin Welcomes Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Get a first look at the line’s nourishing new edition.

Rhode Skin has broken the internet with its hydrating, glazed donut-esque minimal skincare, and it looks like they’re not slowing down.

Officially expanding beyond their three-step routine and entering what appears to be a fully functional skincare regimen, Rhode welcomes its new and highly anticipated Hydrating Facial Cleanser as of June 17. With this launch, Rhode emphasizes the importance of a coherent skincare routine and presents a base layer that pairs seamlessly with its already established array of hydrating products.

The cleanser boasts high-quality ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, & ceramides to soothe and nourish the skin – leaving skin “looking more glowy and glazed than ever,” founder Hailey Rhode Beiber says. “This smooth, silky facial cleanser gently purifies skin by removing makeup, oil, and debris for a super clean, never stripped post-wash finish,” she states, “Expect your skin to feel nourished, soft & dewier than ever.”

But perhaps the most exciting aspect of Rhode’s new product launch is its continued commitment to science backed, dermatologist endorsed formulations, setting itself apart from many other celebrity owned brands alike. All products, including new Hydrating Facial Cleanser, remain cruelty-free and fragrance free (with the exception of Rhode’s scented Peptide Lip Treatments), which are available solely direct-to-consumer on Rhode’s own website, rhodeskin.com. You can try Rhode’s highly anticipated Hydrating Facial Cleanser for yourself for $29, available exclusively at rhodeskin.com.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Contact Name


Phone Number

Email Address

Rhode is an edited, efficacious, and intentional skincare company dedicated to creating innovative and inclusive beauty solutions that deliver exceptional results. With a commitment to quality and a passion for skincare science, Rhode strives to empower all women, including non-binary, trans, non-cis and all women-identified persons to look and feel their best.

Influencer Gifting Insert:

Meet Hydrating Facial Cleanser

The essential first step to your signature rhode glow

We thought your rhode routine could use an upgrade, and we wanted you to be first to get your hands on our highly requested Hydrating Facial Cleanser! This soft and silky cleanser is designed to fit seamlessly into your routine for a gentle, yet effective deep cleanse that will have all skin types obsessed.

Our formula is packed with hydrating & nourishing ingredients for a super clean, but never stripped post-wash feeling that’ll prep your skin for your next moisturizing steps.

We hope you love it as much as we do! Can’t wait to see your clean, dewy, & delicious skin.


Hailey + rhode team <3

PDP Copy:


Hydrating Facial Cleanser

The essential base layer

A smooth, silky facial cleanser that gently purifies skin by removing makeup, oil, and debris for a super clean, never stripped post-wash finish. This soothing formula is an essential first step to your hydrating routine and leaves skin looking nourished, soft & dewier than ever.

Email Copy:

Teaser Email

Subject: cleanse & glaze

Preview: your plumpiest, yummiest skin yet



The essential base layer your rhode routine’s been waiting for.

Make our highly-requested Hydrating Facial Cleanser yours on 6/17 at 9AM PST.

Trust, you won’t want to miss this.

CTA: Join The Waitlist


A soft and silky gel cleanser designed to fit seamlessly into your skincare routine. Because when we said one of everything good, we meant it.


Gently wash away impurities without stripping the skin for a naturally soft & dewy finish.


Formulated with glycerin, hyaluronic acid, & ceramides to soothe and nourish – leaving you looking more glowy & glazed than ever.

CTA: Join The Waitlist

Email Copy:

Launch Email

Subject: new cleanser just dropped

Preview: now rinse & repeat



Introducing the newest edition to your rhode routine, Hydrating Facial Cleanser. Designed with your skin barrier in mind for a gentle, yet effective deep cleanse that will have all skin types obsessed.

CTA: Shop Cleanser

What it is

A smooth + hydrating gel cleanser. It’s the perfect base for that signature morning glow and go-to bedtime glaze.

What it does

Gently washes away impurities, nourishes all skin types, & restores the skin barrier over time.

CTA: Get Cleansed

SMS Copy:

IG Captions:


formula forward, always.

hfc is safe for all skin types and packed with good-for-your-skin ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, & peptides for a super clean, but never stripped post-wash feeling.

your dewiest, yummiest skin is one rinse away.

Product focused:

your rhode routine just got dewier.

introducing hydrating cleanser, the essential first step for that signature rhode glow.

clean, hydrated, & glazed skin on the way.

Community focused: (I imagine UGC content here)

clean hydration looks good on you

you love dewy & delicious skin, we love giving you what you want. that’s why we designed hydrating facial cleanser as a base layer for all skin types, so you can have clean & yummy skin from am to pm.

Science based:

real rhode results.

hydrating facial cleanser’s five-star formula has been clinically proven to deep cleanse the skin while maintaining a natural ph balance, leaving your skin hydrated, restored, and replenished after every wash.

happy skin barrier, happy us. 


derms gave hydrating facial cleanser their rhode stamp of approval

& we’re giving you the deets

@derm “quote”

@derm “quote”


Theme: Summer Skin – because I want to remind the audience that even though rhode doesn’t have a direct spf product, it still has products with tons of benefits in regard to skin barrier + sun protection.

Product focus: Barrier Restore Cream

Subject: suns out, peptides out

Preview: replenish & restore


SPF + BRC = <3

Summer’s in full swing and our barriers could use some tlc.

Packed with hydrating peptides, Barrier Restore Cream helps you ditch sun damage & maintain a happy, healthy skin barrier.

CTA: Shop Barrier Restore Cream

Top your rhode routine off with spf 30+ for a nourishing & restorative skincare regimen that’s rich in skin barrier supporting ingredients.



Theme: Vacation/ Travel/ European Summer – because June is the beginning of summer which means peak travel season is in full swing. Also still seeing the influence of the Sofia Richie South of France wave, which I wanted to utilize without plugging directly.

Product focus: Peptide Lip Treatment

Subject: euro summer era

Preview: vacay glow 24/7



Summer's in the air and lip treat’s on our lips. Don’t leave the house (or country) without it.

CTA: Shop Peptide Lip Treat

Plumpy, silky-soft lips, whenever and wherever the vacay takes us.

Packed with hydrating peptides and moisturizing shea butter, all in an irresistibly glossy finish. Available in three yummy flavors.

CTA: Shop Lip Treat

Email 3:

Theme: UGC & Testimonial – There’s something about summer that makes you stock up on skincare and want to look like a dewy, glazed donut. I want rhode at the forefront of summer skincare by pushing that everyone who's anyone is using it, and that it actually works.

Product focus: Peptide Glazing Fluid

Subject: rhode irl

Preview: as seen on you, and you, and…



(grid of various influencer ugc photos)

Spotted: Peptide Glazing Fluid lookin’ dewy & delicious on your summer skin.

CTA: Get Glazed

(grid of various influencer ugc photos)

Peptides for plump & hydrated skin, marula oil for instant illumination. The signature step your skincare lineup needs.

CTA: Shop Peptide Glazing Fluid