The Senior Copywriter at Vert Digital needed to take some things off her plate so she dished me up the delightful task of composing a couple marketing emails for First Watch- one promoting their summer sweepstakes and the other, their newest seasonal menu.

they asked, I delivered:

Spring LTO Email Campaigns: Tacos Al Pastor Hash

Subject Line A: Wake Up With Our Latest Creation, Tacos Al Pastor Hash 🌅

Subject Line B: Our Tacos Al Pastor Hash Will Leave You Feeling Hash-ified

Subject Line C: A Hash-Some Dish 😍


Headline: Please Pass the Hash

Headline ALT: Fan-Hash-tic!

Body Copy: Let your tastebuds head south without even having to pack a carry-on. With our new Tacos Al Pastor Hash, enjoy crispy pork al pastor paired with juicy pineapple and fresh avocado. Best part? That’s just a taste of what’s in store when you order this seasonal delight. Mouth watering for more? Check out the full dish.

CTA: Hash It Out

Primary Revision:

Headline: Tacos Al Pastor Hash

Subheadline: Take Your Tastebuds South. No Carry-on Needed

Body Copy: Enjoy crispy pork al pastor paired with juicy pineapple and fresh avocado in our latest seasonal hash. Mouth watering for more? View our menu to learn more about this dish and its Spring inspired ingredients.

CTA: Hash It Out


Headline: The Toast of The Town

Body Copy: Any way you want it, that’s the way you get it. Whether you’re craving something sweet or savory we’ve got you covered with the return of two Spring Specials- our Bananas Foster French Toast and Crab & Avocado Toast. But that’s not all! Quench your thirst with our new Tropical Sunrise Juice and Blackberry Bramble Sangria. *ahhh*

CTA: Toast Me About It

Secondary Revision

Headline: Spring is Here

Body Copy: Our entire Spring menu was crafted to give you everything you’re craving this season. Whether you’re craving something sweet or savory, we’ve got you covered with the return of two favorites- our Bananas Foster French Toast and Crab & Avocado Toast. But that’s not all! Take a sip of paradise with the Tropical Sunrise Juice.

CTA: View Spring Menu


Headline: Are You In It To Win It?

Body Copy: Have you entered our Tropical Sunrise sweepstakes? Win flights for 2 and a 7 night stay at the Joie Inn in Anna Maria, FL for some fun in the sun. Your chance to win is ending soon - enter now before it’s too late!

CTA: Enter Now

A Little Copy Rationale: Subject line A directly spells out the name of the dish and that it’s new, while Subject line B is a pun for “satisfied”. Subject line C is a pun for “handsome dish.” CTA for Primary is playing into the phrase “hash it out” but in this instance urging customers to look further into the menu. Secondary headline is a spin off the phrase “talk of the town” with the body copy alluding to the song by Journey.

Made in InVision

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Extra Headlines/Subject Line Brain Dump:

One step closer to your tropical oasis

A tropical getaway is closer than you think

Unpack those tropical looks because you’re entered to win!

Subject Line A: 🛥️ Ahoy! Welcome Aboard. Destination: Paradise 🏝️

Subject Line B: You’re Entered! A Tropical Sunrise is Just a Sip Away 🍹

PH: We Want You to Soak up the Sun ☀️


Headline: Dust Off Those Flip Flops, You’re Entered To Win!

Body Copy: Operation fun in the sun is almost complete. You’re officially in the running to win our Tropical Paradise Giveaway. In the meantime, enjoy the taste of the tropics with our Tropical Sunrise juice. Truly an oasis in juice form, our Tropical Sunrise is made with a refreshing mango puree, paired with pineapple and strawberry juices and perfected with a complimentary hint of bright lime and sweet cane sugar.

CTA: Cheers to that


Headline: Our Ingredients Are Only Happy in The Sun

Body Copy: We curate our menu based on what’s in season, ensuring our dishes are always fresh and fulfilling.

CTA: See The Menu


Headline: Let’s Stay Together

Body Copy: Have you moved to a new neighborhood? Did you find this in a random folder in your inbox? It might be time to update your preferences to make sure we stay in touch. This will ensure you get the latest menu updates, including limited time offerings and other new-ness.

CTA: Update Preferences

A Little Copy Rationale: Subject line A confirms their entry and plays into the tropical, vacation mindset while Subject line B includes the name of the juice and is a playful bit incorporating the potential prize and the drink. The PH is an allusion to Sheryl Crow’s popular early 00’s song, Soak Up the Sun. Tertiary headline is an allusion to the ever popular Al Green song, “Let’s Stay Together”.


Subject:Courtney, Have You Tried Our Spring Menu?

Date:May 24, 2023 at 7:05 AM


Our Summer Menu is on the horizon. Enjoy the ​flavors of spring before the sun sets on this ​limited-time seasonal menu.