A Little Bird Agency needed a word nerd to zhuzh their presentation deck for a new partnership with BESTIES Vegan Paradise.

they asked:

Make the information more digestible and conversational. Like you're talking to a friend and trying to slightly impress them.

I delivered:


BESTIES Vegan Paradise is an independent, majority woman-

owned, all vegan grocery store in Los Angeles.

As the first and only vegan marketplace in the country to sell

products exclusively from 100% vegan brands, we know what it

takes to succeed in the competitive world of ethical

commerce—driving a cultural movement that champions

equality for all beings.

We are passionate about building a better world; dedicated to ​supporting vegan brands in their growth and expansion.

The BESTIES Effect

And now...from the visionary team behind BESTIES Vegan Paradise ​comes The BESTIES Effect, thecreative + marketing powerhouse ​that is relentlessly committed to taking your plant-based brand to ​new heights.

The BESTIES Effect builds partnerships with like-minded clients,

working hand-in-handto expand their vision and reach. By

leveraging our experience in communityengagement, brand

building, design, and purpose-driven events, we offer our clients

acomprehensive suite of services to drive their success. Success

that lives at theintersection of creativity and community.

The BESTIES Effect. Come grow with us.​

The BESTIES Effect: ​Community and Engagement

BESTIES' audience is highly engaged and has a ​community like no other: incredibly diverse ​individuals connected by their demand for the ​highest quality products, services, information and ​experiences.Our followers are early adopters, ​activists, vegan-celebrities, tastemakers and ​environmentalists, conscious in their consumption ​and fiercely loyal to the few who have earned their ​trust.

FromInstagram, to ourwebsite,toournewsletters, ​our audience is actively engaged and responsive to ​our calls for action. Together with your brand, we ​are positioned to tell a story with a broad appeal ​that will resonate deeply.

Elijah Wood


Kevin & Harley Quinn Smith

In Partnership with A Little Bird

To fully realize the profound impact The BESTIES ​Effect can have on your brand's continued growth ​and success, we have partnered with A Little Bird ​(ALB), an LA-based engagement and

activationagency who has specialized in the

emerging CPG brands category for over 10 years.

In partnership with ALB, The BESTIES Effect can be ​scaled regionally and nationally across all aspects of ​your marketing mix including Brand Strategy, ​Creative, and Activation / Media.