courtney kittel

copywriter + editor

creative director + strategist

running my mouth since 1990

A writer for the edgy, witty, rebellious, and bold.

Because blending in is never an option.

Hiring me is like having Ryan Reynolds and Wednesday Addams on the payroll. Talk about a big bang for your buck.

Circle Shape Outline
Circle Shape Outline


Now, don't get it twisted, I'm not over here just tap, tap, tapping away on my keyboard, crossing my fingers the alphabet I'm stringing together is going to convert for you.

Everything I write has psychological principles, human connection philosophies, marketing strategies and best-practices at play.

It’s not magic (it's practical...get it?). Jokes aside, it’s marketing — at its finest, and with me behind the wheel, it's anything but boring.

Like I said, I've got Mariah Carey range-

here's what I bring to the table:

Plus, I'm funny - and honey, you can't fake funny.

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